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Management: Dashboard for Excellent 4PX.

Instrument Panel in the Pig House

Weda have developed a software solution, which offers all relevant data of the feeding computer at a glance. Thereby, the user is already at a very early stage in a position to detect if problems within his animal stock are beginning to emerge, and can intervene directly.

Until now, within the frame of his daily, time-consuming routine procedure, the user of a feeding computer had to open certain pages of his program in order to obtain an overview of the status and actual state of his animal house. This is quite a disadvantage: sometimes not all relevant data are available to staff members with only limited access to the system, or else data extraction is too complex. Now, Weda are remedying this situation. The dashboard provides all relevant data at a glance, similar to the instrument panel in a car.

In addition to the presentation of the actual state, the feeding computer calculates and displays trends and tendencies. Therefore, the user will already realize at a very early stage whether problems within his animal stock are becoming apparent. This is additionally implemented by the three user-friendly traffic light colours. Green stands for OK; yellow for slight deviations, and red for strong deviations. If the farmer clicks on the correspondent display, he will be directed to the respective page in the submenu of the computer from where he can take relevant detail information and take appropriate action if necessary.

In the following, some practical examples:

Feed Control:

  • Are there feed valves that have not called up enough feed?
  • What is the duration of the feeding times?
  • Are there deviations / “elopers” in feeding time reading?

Monitoring of Silo Contents:

  • When does feed have to be reordered?

Animal Administration

  • How many animals will there be for sale next week?
  • What is the degree of current animal losses?

Water Consumption

  • Has not enough or too much water been consumed?

Maintenance Schedule

  • Is it time for any maintenance tasks?

Further advantages of the dashboard: the user is able to define surface together with images independently; the dashboard is also suitable for mobile terminals like tablets and Smartphones.