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Feeding Technology: WEDA Fermi 4PX.

Fermentation Almost by Itself

Until now, liquid feeding units with fermentation have been able to control the fermentation process, however, not without additional manual adaptations on behalf of the unit operators. Weda have developed a fermentation software, which takes off a large part of this work for the user and consequently saves a lot of time and effort.

For an optimal fermentation, the unit operator regularly had to invest a lot of time and effort in turning a multitude of adjusting screws, in carrying out continuous changes during the fermentation process, and in precisely adjusting operational sequences. Nonetheless, negative effects, like for example overturning, were inevitable. Moreover, it was impossible to establish in the end why fermentation turned out to be unsuccessful.

Weda have developed a solution for these problems, - the WEDA Fermi 4PX. This fermentation software saves the unit operator effort and time as the fermentation is fully automatically controlled by the unit. Moreover, the fermentation process is continuously observed by the system. Time-consuming, continuous adaptations, as well as permanent calculations of components, temperatures, and controls are a thing of the past with Fermi 4PX. And here is the highlight: the system warns the operator in good time if things are not running according to mixing schedule. This allows the user to carry out the necessary corrections on time in order to prevent overturning in the fermenter.

In addition to this, the system prevents the feeding of “bad“ feed to the animals and therefore contributes towards animal wellbeing. The positive effects of the use of fermented feed, like e.g., improved hygiene in the feeding unit and a positive effect on the intestinal flora are also entirely for the benefit of the animals. Furthermore, studies have proved that during the use of easily digestible, fermented feed, the use of antibiotics can be considerably reduced. All this again leads to a clear reduction of production costs.

In the following some examples:

“Creating Recipes“
Via the “recipe page“, the operator of the unit can enter the required temperature, pH-value, and composition for each recipe into the computer. Thereupon, the computer calculates the exact amounts of the required components as well as their ingredients, and creates a mixing plan.

“Visualized Display“
In the “visualized display“, the fermentation containers are displayed like normal component containers. A double click on the container opens a separate window with all important information (e.g., temperature, pH-value, weight / filling level, etc.). The computer can block the container for the extraction in order to prevent that not enough fermented feed is fed out.

“Measuring Value Indicator”
A double click on the fermenter provides e.g., information with regard to pH-value, temperature and weight in relation to time. Due to these values, it allows the unit operator at any time, to analyze processes subsequently, and to eliminate possible errors.