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13 to 16 November 2018
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Feeding Technology: “Nutrix+”.

The New Generation of Suckling Piglet Feeding

Weda have now developed a new, fully automatic and sensor controlled liquid feeding system for suckling piglets by which now also sows’ milk substitutes and prestarters can be fed out in smallest amounts. This ensures fast and healthy growth of suckling piglets, and at the same time relief of the farmer and of the mother sows.

For the first time in the branch, WEDA Nutrix+ now enables the dispensing of smallest amounts of sows‘ milk substitutes, starting from piglet milk and yoghurt, to prestarter. This way, the feeding of suckling piglets can be perfectly adapted to their growth.

The system operates with sensor feeding and is modular extensible so that an upgrading of up to three mixing containers is possible. This allows for the employ of various kinds of feed mixes. Moreover, individual mixing temperatures can be automatically adjusted by the computer. The highlight: the maximum of hygiene remains as also for the Nutrix+, the proven cleaning procedure by means of acid / lye rinsing can be employed.

The newly developed double troughs with grids ensure permanent social contacts of the piglets between two pens. Due to the grids, the troughs are rather bright and are therefore quickly accepted by the animals.

The regular, sufficient and most of all hygienic provision of sows‘ milk substitutes right through to prestarter feed ensures healthy and fast growth of the piglets and simultaneously relieves the sow, especially in the case of large litters. Due to the protection of the sow, the animal will also much faster return to a good condition after weaning of the piglets.

In addition, the use of the system in particular in sow managements with large litters leads to a considerable relief of the work load as it can on the one hand operate fully automatically and can on the other hand be additionally remote-controlled. Furthermore, the system can be easily controlled and operated by Touch Panel.