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Weda - We care about pigs

About WEDA.

Made-to-measure Solutions

You are looking for a competent partner who will be by your side when it comes to reaching an absolute maximum in quality and profitable efficiency in pig production?

A partner who will be committed to your requirements and who will passionately develop and put into practice made-to-measure solutions for you? …. you have found him: WEDA – Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH would be pleased to welcome you!


WEDA History.

Our History

For 80 years, the name of WEDA has been a byword for innovation and reliability.

In the following, we would like to invite you for a trip through our company history so that you can gain your own impression of us:

The Foundation of the Company

The company of WEDA was founded by Arnold Westerkamp and Bernhard Dammann in 1934. At the time of their foundation, WEDA was a small craftsman’s establishment of conventional engineering for the production of wood gas generators. Founder member Bernhard Dammann withdrew from the enterprise after a short time.

From Wood Gas Generator to Liquid Feeding

In the mid-fifties, Arnold Westerkamp’s son, Klemens Westerkamp senior, became fellow partner of the WEDA enterprise. Already in 1967, WEDA started with the development of a liquid feeding system for pigs and in 1970 presented an automatic feeding unit on the occasion of a DLG (German Agricultural Association) in Cologne. At the same time, the complete equipment programme for pig management became part of the production and marketing programme of the company.

From 1974 onwards, Klemens Westerkamp senior (meanwhile regrettably deceased) became sole owner of the WEDA enterprise. He had all times been intensively occupied with electronics which in the first instance brought into being regulation devices for ventilation units. A few years later, however, the know-how which had been gained was transferred to the manufacturing of automatic liquid feeding units. We owe it to this step of development that nowadays, one cannot imagine agricultural technology without WEDA. This can also be demonstrated by more than 2 dozen of especially developed patents.

Foundation of WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH

In 2001, the companies of WEDA and Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH launch the enterprise of WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH. Mutually, the owner companies deliver an essential proportion of the technology for biogas units for the generation of electrical current. In January 2014, the shares of the Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH were taken over by the WEDA Family.

Foundation of WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH

From 1982 onwards, Anna Westerkamp held the company shares of her late husband, Klemens Westerkamp. She and the then sales director, Klaus Fahlbusch, took over the business management and were very successful in their leadership of the WEDA company. With the handing over of the company in 1997, the position of Anna Westerkamp as managing director ended. She has remained loyal to the company until end of year 2020 in her position in the supervisory board. Klaus Fahlbusch went into his well-deserved retirement in 2004.

The current shareholders are Klemens Westerkamp and Jutta Sextro (née Westerkamp). They are simultaneously also active in the company as managing directors.

WEDA as a full-liner in pig production

Originally founded as an enterprise for the production of wood gas generators, WEDA have meanwhile become global market leaders n the domain of liquid feeding. In their function as full liners in the pig production segment, WEDA – besides feeding technology and animal house equipment also attends to the segments of ventilation technology and liquid manure treatment.