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Electronic Sow Feeding.

Feeding tailored to needs

Our electronic sow feeding systems are ideal for feeding sows in group pens according to their needs.

The systems can feed liquid as well as dry, are flexible and space-saving in terms of design. There are different setup options for electronic sow feeding: group selection on the one hand, and stable groups on the other. Group selection is used when several groups of sows from different production cycles are kept together in one large space. A stable group means that one group of sows of the same pregnancy status leaves the gestation house at the same time.

Electronic feeding sequence:

The sow enters an empty station and the gates close behind it. Based on the ear transmitter, the station identifies the sow and its feed allotment. The system also detects the amount of feed the sow has already consumed. If there is still feed allotted to the sow, the trough is unlocked and feed is dosed accordingly. After the end of feeding, the trough is locked again. If the sow has already consumed the amount of feed allotted to it, the trough remains locked. In both cases, the exit gate opens after a temporary delay, and the sow can leave the station again.