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Feeding Technology: „Excellent 4PX PLUS“.

“Excellent 4PX PLUS“ - Modern, Intuitive, Individual
The Modern Control Program for House Units

Each house unit is an individual one. And for this reason, every farmer has his own idea of the priority of the information from his house. Exactly for meeting with these special demands, the Lower Saxonian manufacturers of house equipment, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, have developed an innovative solution with the new Excellent 4PX PLUS. The modern User Interface supports the WEDA feeding and fermentation system in the house units.

Based on the proven Excellent 4PX programming, by means of the PLUS version a control program was created, complying with today’s demands on modern appearance and with the fast understanding of technologies in times of increasingly more complex house units. The user interface, modifiable by any farmer, as well as the plausible graphics convince with modern colours. Also the symbols ensure at first glance a problem-free understanding of the information - beyond all country and language barriers. Moreover, the colour reflects the International standards: green for “OK/everything running smoothly”; yellow for “Attention”, and the colour red for “Error!”

The menu structure for reaching the deeper information pages is clearly arranged at the left side of the monitor. The farmer either clicks on the individual switch areas or he uses the speed buttons F1-F12 in order to get to the subpages.

One further novelty is the display of the “course of action” of the feeding processes inside the house. With an information space, arranged on the right hand side, and which is extendable and retractable, the user is shown the processes inside the house, like for example, ‘feed mixing’. Also the pending processes can be seen. All in all, the tool is a very clearly arranged preview and subsequent review, which actively supports farm management. In addition, the comfortable 16:9 monitor format ensures a tremendous scope with the display of information from the house. Thus, for example, complex unit systems can be visualized on the broad monitor so that scrolling will not be necessary any more.