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Feeding Technology “Magic Feed“.

For the Best of All Feed Worlds
“Magic Feed“ unites all system advantages in one

Until now, farmers always had to tie themselves down to one system when feeding – multiphase, double pipe, stub or no-residue feeding – with all advantages and disadvantages of the respective solution. Such kinds of compromises, however, are now a thing of the past because WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp are putting an innovative feeding combination, “Magic Feed“ on the market, which is uniting the best of all feeding systems for the farmers.

The method, falling back on MagicFeed, convinces by its functionality. In a mixing container, the pre-fattening feed is being mixed, and the mixing for finishing feed takes place in the second one. Towards the direction of the house there therefore exist two pipelines: one for pre-fattening and one for finishing.

In the divisions themselves there are only stubs (see Graph 1 in the Annex).This means: when feeding, one only checks up for each stub which recipe is required in the division. If for example only pre-fattening has to be fed, only the pump for the pre-fattening feed will be running. If, however, 80 per cent pre-fattening feed and 20% finishing feed, are required, both pumps will run in different speeds and dosificate the 80/20 mixture through the stub into the trough.

In the case of an empty mixing container, one switches over to service water so that the feed remnants from the pipeline system can be dosed out completely.

Optionally, (see Graph 2 in the Annex) the stubs can also be connected with a return pipe. This way, the house unit can be fed out all over the day with stubs / multiphase double pipe. During the last feeding, however, the stubs can be completely dosed out and can be filled and rinsed with water, - a hygiene technology, which is otherwise only possible in non-residue feeding; including the possibility of cleaning the easier stub with an acid-lye mixture.

Special Features and Advantages at a Glance

  • The best of all WEDA feeding technologies, united in a new technology
  • The proven, high standard of hygiene remains the same
  • Clear speed-up of feeding
  • Easier animal control because the feeding process can simply be accompanied
  • No waiting times.