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Weda - We care about pigs

MDE (Mobile Data Capture).

Fast and easy reading of RFID eartags

The MDE is available with immediate effect. It executes the mobile capturing of data inside the sow house. This useful device is able to read RFID eartag quickly and easily.

After reading in of the data, the respectively selected parameters appear on the display of the device. Important data, like day of the cycle, condition, feed graph, feed group, feed consumption of the last two days, and the name, resp., the number of the animal are displayed. The data can be modified depending on requirements.

The device is equipped with a special search function that sends out an acoustic signal to the user when the respective animal is recognized. Combined with the optionally available antenna, the tracing and scanning of the herd is a mere child’s play.

The data are loaded directly into the 4PX via a docking station. The device is robust, secure, easy to clean, and clearly arranged.