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Mix-Pipe has been Ensuring Feed Quality for Ten Years

Demixing Impossible

An efficient feeding technology is core component of modern pig managements. At the same time, it is essential that also in complex pipe systems the consistency of the liquid feed remains identical so that the feed components cannot separate from each other.

If it comes to the dreaded de-mixing and sedimentation situation, operators of larger computer-controlled liquid feeding units would suffer losses of a part of their efficiency. The reason for this: the previously homogenous feed in its individual components – water and feed components – reaches the feed valves, blocks the nozzles and cannot be dosed out properly for the individual animals.

This way, sedimentations occur which slow down the entire feed flow. In the worst case clotting can take place and will thus result in a closure within the feed line. In the end, the animals will receive feed rations which differ very much in quality and amount and they will therefore be unable to grow homogenously.

Already ten years ago, the developers of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp have reacted on these situations with their patented Mix-Pipe. The principal idea was easy; the impact is – to this day – great. A continuous spiral profile on the inside of the conveying pipes allows the feed mix to move through the pipes in a rotary motion.
The positive result of the permanent spiral movement: the feed mix remains identical and the individually planned feed amount can be administered to all animals. This idea of WEDA’s managing director, Franz-Josef Sextro, was consequently awarded with the DLG Gold medal.

Good ideas are lasting and therefore this development is even today considered to be innovative, not only because it solves the problem effectively. The approach is still so successful because it fits well into these times of agricultural structural change and is equally suited for units of different sizes.

Promising innovations can also be recognized by the fact that they are not only being purchased but also that they are adopted. „Our Mix-Pipe is not only well received by our customers but it is partly even installed into the units of our competitors”, emphasizes Weda’s development manager, Ralf Meyer. According to Meyer, there is still optimization potential in various houses because until today, construction components are frequently only integrated into the feed lines in certain intervals. „This way, de-mixing cannot be reliably prevented”, – Meyer is sure of that.

The Advantages of the Mix-Pipe at a Glance:

  • During the run-through of the pipe conduct the feed mix is permanently mixed through
  • Dosification of liquid feed with practically similar dry substance content is guaranteed at each valve
  • Mix-Pipe does not cause an additional resistance
  • No pipe blockages due to sedimentation
  • Issued with a spiral-shaped structure on the inside in the shape of a lip with a height of approx. 10 mm. Behind the lip, no „dead space” is able to form where dirt could settle
  • Mix-Pipe is available as a PVC pipe in diameters of 63, 50, 40 or 32 mm, also for almost any unit size.