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New Unit Opened For 745 Sows

Unit is Widely Known in Large Areas of France

In French Carentoir in Britanny, a unit for 745 sows was opened. The unit of a size of 3221 square metres is known over wide parts of France due to its special energy concept (amongst others wood-fired burners and 628 square metres of solar panels) and its high standards of animal wellbeing.

The unit operators place great emphasis on the proven WEDA non-residue feeding system and on the suckling piglet system Nutrix+. The latter ensures fast and healthy growth of the suckling piglets with simultaneous relief for the farmer and for the mother sow. And futhermore: the Nutrix+ enables micro-dosifications of 30 to 40 grams and allows a round-the-clock provision of the suckling piglets with feed. This way, the weaning weights increase and the feed expenses are lowered.

And the best thing is: the acquisition costs for the Nutrix+ amortise within a very short time!