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Again the highest award

WEDA has been repeatedly awarded with several of the highest prizes for its innovative products at the leading French trade fair SPACE.

At SPACE 2018, WEDA was honored for the outstanding development of the feeding valve "PV4" with two Innov'SPACE awards.

The WEDA valve for dosing of liquid feed has been developed with comprehensive know-how. In the first place, PV4 has a transparent cover. This gives the farmer the necessary clear view. The switching of the valve is also visible thanks to a small LED light, which is connected to the electric control of the valve and lights up red. These visual features make it possible to find out faulty valves quickly, which saves time and costs for the farmer. In contrast to rival products, the outlet of the WEDA valve is situated at the bottom as standard. Due to this, heavy feed components (minerals) do not become stuck in the pipelines, thus making a residue-free feeding possible.

"This novelty is a result of many years of our work, which has now been honored with the highest award "Three Stars" ", commented Ralf Meyer, head of the development department of the WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH.

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